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Neff Ovens Explained

We recommend Neff ovens because they are reliable, reasonably priced and have great customer service for the rare occasion that they do go wrong.

The Basic Oven

The B14M42N3GB is Neff’s most basic oven at approximately £392 and features CircoTherm – Neff’s innovative even cooking temperatures, a defrost mode, traditional top and bottom heat; good for baking pastries and scones, bottom heat for cooking things like casseroles and pastry cases, and a grill which can be combined with a fan to make the perfect oven for cooking roasts.

This can be upgraded to the B44M42N3GB which includes Neff’s famous Slide and Hide door – as seen on Great British Bake Off. Alternatively you can stay with the drop down door and go for the Pyrolytic Cleaning version B14P42N3GB which burns your food to a fine dust to sweep away.

Series 3 and 5

Neff calls some of their ovens “Series 3” or “Series 5” but what does it mean? These appliances are designed to match with their Compact Appliance range to give a co-ordinated look to your kitchen by aligning buttons and having similar design features.

Series 3 Ovens start with the B15E52N3GB, at approximately £620, which features all the same settings as the standard oven but with a slow cooking setting for tenderising pan sealed meat, and further control on the grill and traditional heating settings. This can be upgraded to the Slide and Hide Door, B45E52N3GB, to have flexi-rails to help lift out heavy joints, B45E74N3GB, or to have Pyrolytic Cleaning B15P52N3GB. They also have an “Aqua Assist” Upgrade with Slide and Hide Door B45C52N3GB which adds moisture to the cooking process to keep food tender and juicy.

The Series 5 B45E54N3GB starts at around £866 with the additional settings to help prove and bake bread and add steam to your cooking to keep food moist. They all come with Slide and Hide Doors and Flexi-Rails except for the B16P52N3GB with Pyrolytic Cleaning. The B46E74N3GB comes with additional Neff Lights which helps you see inside without opening the door and letting the heat out. They also have a Series 5 Aqua Assist Model B46C74N3GB to keep food tender.

Other Ovens

Neff has other ovens on offer that include features from the series 3 and 5, but without the design continuation with other appliances in the range. Please feel free to pop in to chat to us to find out more.

All Prices inc VAT and are approximate for the time of writing

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