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Pull Outs

 Pull Out Kitchens 1 There are so many pull-outs on the market, here is a quick guide of the best ones.The Carousel: For L shaped corner cupboards, spin the ¾ carousels to bring any item to the front.

The LeMans:  Pulls almost the whole way out of the cupboard whilst being strong enough to store tins on and easy to use and maintain.

For Tall Cupboard Access:  A two tiered pull down to make the top shelf accessible without using a chair

Internal Drawers:  Gives the function of drawers but allows more freedom with the external sleek design.  They can be wire or wooden.

Swing Out Larder:  Tall larder wire work that can pivot once fully pulled out, however, be wary of overloading as they are prone to breaking.

Wicker Baskets:  Add a traditional farmhouse feel to a kitchen and are great for storing vegetables in as they allow air to circulate.

Pull Out Larder:  Perfect way of getting to the back of any tall larder, making the top shelf a useful place once again.

Pull Outs for Narrow Cupboards:  Keep your oils, spices, cleaning products or tea towels in small cupboards without worrying about them getting lost.

Common Pull-Out Questions:

I can see lots of space not being used in the cupboard, why would I use a pull out? 

A pull out does not use every inch of space in a cupboard or it would never come out!  However, they are useful because they make the space that you do have more accessible especially in blind corner cupboards.

How strong is a pull out?

They’re pretty strong and can often be loaded up with tins, however, be sensible.  Don’t let you children or cats climb up them and be aware of their size.  A tall larder pull out can become quite wobbly with a lot of weight and so can pull at the carcass if not handled with care.  But do check with your manufacturers instructions.

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