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Depending on the feel you are looking for why not go for painted shaker doors with brass hinges for a clean, fresh, traditional look. Alternatively, flat doors suit a more modern house and almost become part of the wall making it unobtrusive yet a fantastic storage solution. For more modern designs, why not consider sliding doors or soft close hinges?

Think about what you might want to store in the cupboard and where and make the most of your space by scribing up to the ceiling. Large suitcases can be stored at the top along with wedding hats and winter gloves. Will you use this as a complete dressing area with space to store your make-up, do you need somewhere to store your laundry, and how much long hanging do you need for those overcoats and dresses? Answering these sorts of questions is an easy way to work out what it is that you are looking for in your new wardrobe.

Don’t forget to ask about matching bedside tables or home offices.

Bedroom Styles Furniture 1
Modern flat sliding doors used as an airing cupboard with custom made shelves.
Bedroom Styles Furniture 2
A traditional style cupboard with slide away doors for the TV and solid wood drawers.

Now that you know what is going to be stored in your cupboard you can start looking at all of the clever internals available. Double hanging is a great way to store plenty of clothes or maybe top put top hanging with drawers below. If you’re worried about not being able to reach the top rails easily, there are rails that can be pulled down to a more convenient height. Divide your drawers up to neatly store your belts, scarves and ties, or keep your jumpers on pull out wire racks to allow air to circulate around them. Don’t forget for internal lights if it is in a dark corner of your room. Have a look on our Pinterest (link) page or on Hafele’s website for more ideas.

Bedroom Styles Internals 1
Pull down rails for ease of access, meaning that you can make the most of your space.
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Bedroom Styles Internals 2
Keep your jumpers fresh by storing them on wire shelves to allow the air to circulate.
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Bedroom Styles Internals 3
Neatly store your belts, scarves and ties in this drawer divider.
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