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In-Frame Kitchen Style Slideshow 1
In Frame Kitchen with hand painted beaded door and frame, with painted skirting, dovetail oak drawer boxes and bespoke cutlery divider.

An In-Frame kitchen is a traditional style of kitchen where each door is within its own frame.  These doors are always bespoke and made with solid wood frames and drawer fronts with traditional brass hinges by our team of skilled cabinetmakers.  We use soft-close, solid dovetailed oak drawers on all our drawers as standard.  Your kitchen can either be made in a wood of your choice such as oak or walnut, or can be hand painted in any colour.

In-Frame Kitchen Style Slideshow 2
In Frame Shaker Door Kitchen with a combination of hand painted cupboards and exposed oak doors. Contrasting Skirting boards and cornice finish the look.

The design starts with a plain shaker door but can be customised with different styles of beading around the inner panel which can also be added to the frame.  End Panels are needed for an in-frame kitchen and these can be plain, framed, plain V grooved or beaded tongue and groove, making each kitchen unique.

The plinth can be customised too in a framed kitchen.  It can be recessed under the cabinet, integrated flush with the frame to give a modern fresh look, or laid on as skirting for a very traditional feel.  Many aspects can have contrasting finishes such as the plinth and cornice left as oak against a painted kitchen which can give warmth to a kitchen.

A lay-on kitchen gives you great flexibility in design, from very traditional to ultra-modern; however, it is easily recognisable as the door lies in front of the carcass.  These can have either bespoke or bought in doors depending on your budget and desired style but you can always be assured of the Robert Charles Quality as we still hand-make every carcass.  All our lay on kitchens come with soft close doors and drawers as standard and with award winning blum drawer boxes.

There is a huge array of colours to choose from and make matching carcasses meaning that no end panels are necessary unless a hand painted finish is required.  Plinths are recessed but can be either colour matched or made in a contrasting oak depending on the style of the kitchen.

Lay-On Kitchen Style Slideshow 2
Lay on Modern Kitchen with Hi-Gloss Doors, no end panels, granite worktops and recessed plinth.
Lay-On Kitchen Style Slideshow 1
Lay-On Traditional Kitchen with hand painted beaded doors, V groove end panels, recessed plinth and oak worktops.



A contemporary twist on Victorian styling, with traditional moulding in a five piece door.  This door has solid wood styles and rails and can be made in a wood of your choice or painted in any colour.

 slack 006
 Stockland painted A3240K



A simple beading inside a five piece door to give a traditional but fresh feel.  This too can be made in a wood of your choice or painted in any colour.

 pollard pic (8)



Based on the traditional Shaker style, this door has 80mm styles and rails with a shallow centre panel recessed only 7mm.

 Astor Oxton Door



Also based on the classic Shaker style, this door has thicker styles and rails at 90mm for a sturdier feel.

 Criddle pic Otterford



This door is the same Shaker style as Oxton, but with a deeper centre panel recessed to 10mm for dramatic shadows.

 dent pics Lydeard



This flat laminate door takes its name from the Norfolk Broads and comes in many different colours and textures including high gloss, laminate and solid wood.  This door works well in more modern kitchens.

 cook pics Norfolk



This door is named after the raised and fielded  effect on the door to give this traditional style.  Perfect for a small and cosy country kitchens.

 herbert Heathfield Door



A plain shaker door with decorative grooves gives a very warm and country feel to this door.

 philips pics - blagdon door
In-Frame and Lay-on Projects
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